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Proxy issues


We have been trying to get Jive Messenger working on our server to validate if we could use something like this server, it worked fine until we decided to try to test to access it using our outside VPN access which uses a proxy to be able to access anything on our network.

At first I was thinking that maybe the client we were using was the problem. But after trying 4 of them and getting the same problem I tried to look at the other end for the problem.

Unfortunatly I do not have a great knowledge of the network configuration here so I will try to explain as best as I can, and if you require more information I can probably dig it back up.

To try and keep the test we did as simple as we could. We tried it without the VPN, but with a simple Windows proxy similar to the one used when we go through the VPN. What we see is that as soon as we put the proxy into the clients it stops working, then we remove the proxy without changing anything.

From what I gathered the proxy and firewall are both configured into a Windows ISA server, using the standard configuration. We then removed the firewall but kept the proxy, and it still didn’'t work.

I’'m really not a network expert, but is there anything special we need to set on our servers to be able to connect a client to the Jive Messenger Server? New protocols we need to add? Specific settings that are needed? Anything that needs to be changed to a standard Windows security server settings?

Thanks a lot for any help you can provide.


I’'ve been working over a vpn without any problem. My VPN creates a tunnel so the network is transparent.

Some things to consider:

Can you ping the server when from the client? When you use the proxy are you required to log in before each request? You could be missing the prompt to connect when you connect using a jabber client. Are there particular ports that are blocked?