Proxy reports wrong IP address

The Openfire proxy reports it’s IP from the local LAN instead of it’s internet IP. Here is a part of Pidgin’s debug output:

(17:26:54) jabber: jabber_si_xfer_bytestreams_listen_cb() will be looking at jsx 0x94ce1b0: jsx->streamhosts (nil) and sh->jid 0x92fc1e0(17:26:54) jabber: Sending (ssl):

I think because of this all file transfers to other buddys on the internet fail.

PS: Pidgin and Openfire are running on the same machine (


I wonder if it is a good idea to use the internet IP. It’s quite hard to get it. It could make more sense to use the xmpp.domain name, so even Openfire servers behind NAT firewalls do work.

Please comment, so one will create a JIRA issue.



Do we have a solution for this issue…? I’m having the same while clients behind the NAT and openfire hosted on the Internet. Following is the output.

If we could use the xmpp.domain name as the host so this will be all right.

Using Openfire 3.7.1

I did finally create

Please comment there if you have other requirements and vote for this issue.

Hi LG,

I have checked and I can see the Public IP of the Openfire server instead of its private IP. Its working for me now. Thanks for the support.