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Proxy service name

Is there any way to change the name used by the socks5 proxy service?

I’‘m helping to run a wildfire server at iglou.com and the server name is “iglou.com” (so jids match email addresses for the users…I’'m a big fan of doing things that way).

But the admins at IgLou (understandably) aren’'t very keen on using the name “proxy.iglou.com” in their DNS for what, at this point, amounts to a very minor service.

Is there any way to change the name “proxy” used by the service? I’'m thinking something along the lines of “xmpp-proxy”, which should disambiguate it from other uses of “proxy”.

I can’‘t find any place in the admin GUI to do it, and I haven’'t found any reference to any system properties to change it either.

Any help woud be appreciated.

Set the Jive Property, “xmpp.proxy.service”, to “xmpp-proxy” or whichever value you wish and that should do it.



Thanks, Alex, that should be a workable solution for me.

I’‘d suggest an admin GUI interface to set this like there is for the other services for general users, but I’'m satisfied for my use.