Proxy setup and transfer file problem

Dear All,

I was search and read within this forum regarding proxy setting and transfer file. But I still have problem.

I am using wildfire 3.1.1 and the server has properties like this:

xmpp.proxy.enabled: true

xmpp.proxy.externalip: My_IP_Public Address

xmpp.proxy.port: 7777

My firewall was permit for all connections. So no issues regarding connections.

I tried to send some file with xml format and in some Debug tool appear like this:

Kindly help and advise.

thank you,

Which client are you send and receiving from?


Dear Alex,

For your info that I made J2ME application.

the file is sent from to

when user1 tried to send some file with in the debug tool show like this:

then, wildfire response to user1 like this:

sorry i made mistake to write the response from wildfire in my first posting in this thread (remark with bold font).

Thank you

user2 is creating that response and not wildfire.