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Proxy Support

Let me first say that i am greatly impressed with Wilfdire to date. You guys are doing a great job. Unfortunatly a firewall and proxy server was just setup at my work and they are reluctant to add an exception. They do however allow us to configure AIM/MSN/Yahoo to connect through the proxy, but not directly. Are there plans to include proxy support, or can someone offer me a alternative suggestion?


It is planned, but not for 1.0. =) There are apparently ways to get around the problem with Yahoo, but AIM and MSN both use multiple addresses and such, so those are problem children without their own Proxy support.

It’'d be great if this could be added soon rather than later. In the meantime how do you get around it with Yahoo?

Yes but there’'s a difference between “would be great” and “how much free time Daniel has” (Daniel == me)

There is another thread that talks about it that opened just the other day. Look for: Running IM Gateway behind hideous enterprise firewalls and proxies

Definitely go vote for it if it’‘s important to you though! It’‘s not going to make it into 1.0 but that doesn’‘t mean it couldn’'t make it into, say, 1.1. ;D

If you -really- want it done soon, and either are a java coder or have someone/know someone that is, I can always use some help/patches! =)

Here is the thread:


I’‘ve been using the socat workaround since that threads post date, with about 10 users. The only issues I’'ve seen are the yahoo contacts being removed on group move bug.

The socat solution should allow you to connect to any proxy type, at least for yahoo.