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Pub/Sub performance


Is it possible to have 100 000 subscribers subscribing to the same node (topic) ?

If yes, which hardware configuration is recommended for that (CPU, RAM, …) ?

Is it possible to be managed by a unique machine ? or do we need a cluster configuration ?

What about the delay between the sending of a message by the publisher and the reception by all subscribers ? Can it be around 1 seconde ?

Thanks in advance for you response


Thanks for this link but is there performance information regarding pubsub ?

I don’t know of any performance metrics for pubsub specifically, but I doubt that it will publish to 100000 subscribers in a second. This is mainly due to the fact that the publishing is currently single threaded. There is actually a note in the code that says that this should use multiple threads (which it very much should). It is a fairly simple improvement, but it hasn’t been done yet.

As for the cluster, pubsub does not yet work in a cluster.