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"Publically Available Sparkweb Instance"

Hi All,

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I have been wondering for a while if there is some sort of trial area for Sparkweb, where interested parties can log on with temporary accounts just to get a feel for how well it works. This is relevant for the trial I am doing with a University department, to see whether we spring for the commerical package or not.

I noticed this link in the recent posts made on the Ignite frontpage recently:


With the following description: “Meanwhile, every week we have been updating our SparkWeb instance that is publicly available. Feel free to use it and give us your feedback.”

Is this a trial service along the lines of what I have been wondering about? Anyone have more info?


Yes, that SparkWeb instance allows you to create free accounts on the igniterealtime.org Openfire server.

Hi Rob, cheers very much for your reply. We’ll be sure to try this out