Publish an item with no ItemId

According to XEP-0060 7.1.2, When you try to publish an item to the publish server:

7.1.2 Success Case

If the pubsub service can successfully process the request, it MUST inform the publisher of success. If the publish request did not include an ItemID, the IQ-result SHOULD include an empty element that specifies the ItemID of the published item.

Example 100. Service replies with success

<iq type='result'
  <pubsub xmlns='[]('>
    <publish node='princely_musings'>
      <item id='ae890ac52d0df67ed7cfdf51b644e901'/>

However when I tried to publish an item with no ItemID, I only get an IQ-Result without the pubsub element. Could somebody let me know if I did something wrong or Openfire is doing something differently from the XEP-0060?


Openfire’s version of pubsub is quite old and that particular behaviour was not well defined at the time it was written. I suspect that this is the problem. There is already a Jira task to update the pubsub version.

I’m jumping on here because this is still an issue. Any idea of a timeline for a pubsub update? Been 3 years since last comment. That’s one old JIRA task.

Patches welcome