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Publish Subscribe/Openfire/Smack


I want to create an application of publish subscribe

1 - to create a node in a local server Openfire3.3.0,(or ejabberd),

2 - to publish information on this node,

3 - to allow the users to be registered on this node and to receive information.

please help me has to start by giving me interesting links, codes…

I already developed with the library “smack” various applications, but I need to add publish subscribe which does not exist yet in the jabber’'s client.

thank you to help me

visited links:

=>http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/search.jspa?threadID=&q=pubsub&objID=&dateRa nge=last90days&userID=&numResults=15&rankBy=10001

gateway.jar (1163296 Bytes)

All proposals is the welcome



I would like to do the same type of functionality using OpenFire/Smack.

Is publish/subscribe supported by OpenFire/Smack APIs?

I have looked through the forums, but the questions have not been answered and I am unable to find any example code for publishing and subscribing.



Yes publish/subscribe is supported by OpenFire/Smack APIs.

these links will help you for Publish/Subscribe



http://static.devel.it.su.se/xmppjca/xref/se/su/it/jca/xmpp/XMPPResourceImpl.htm l (exemple of code)

Good luck.