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Publishing group chat transcripts

Just started looking at openfire, and am wondering if there’s an existing mechanism to publish group chat transcripts to an external location - log file, web site, etc.?

I turned on the monitoring plugin, which lets me view the transcripts through the admin UI, so the data’s obviously available. Any pointers here?


In monitoring plugin you can export trnscripts to PDF. But there is no system for automatic publishing of them.

If I can’t find an existing solution and have to roll my own, what would be the best starting point? Periodically scrape the data (like the admin page does), log it on the fly, have a logger bot sit in each room, other? Any samples to get me started on any of these approaches?

Can’t really suggest anything. I would say that going with a solution not based on Monitoring plugin functionality sounds better, as this plgin sometimes has issues

Hi dwrestco,

I would starting to looking for in Openfire database or log files.

Logs MUST be saved somewhere.

I think that if it is saved in database it is easier to schedule a database dump to a file…

Then if you have found the log files or if you have dumped the database you can upload the file for where do you want.

You should also consider if your Openfire is Linux or Windows .

Anyway, try to discover where it is saved and then how to upload it.

I hope I have helped.

I found this post:


I hope this can help…

Logs can be saved (Audit Policy), but they will contain all messages, not just group chats and will be in xml frmat which should be somehow stripped/converted.