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Pubsub AccessModel.authorize

Is AccessModel.authorize currently fully implemented between Openfire and Smack? When I subscribe a user to a node configured as authorize, that works correctly and I get a subscription pending error back when I try to get items as the subscriber. However, when I log in as the publisher, I am not getting any items indicating that a subscription is pending and needs to be approved. As I understand it, I should be receiving a subscribe_authorization form upon login per http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0060.html#owner-subreq. Am I missing something?
Is there a way for me to poll the server and request any pending subscriptions as the publisher?


Charles Harvey

I eventually got this up and running by creating some generic implementations of packet and packetExtension and formulating my own stanzas.

Well, the Smack library does not yet have anything built into the pubsub API for handling subscription requests. It is in fact a work in progress and I have yet to test the capability you are trying out. I don’t see anything in the spec though about receiving pending subscription requests on login, only that they may be sent anytime, which I would assume is when they are requested. On login you would have to ask for the pending subscriptions, which as I mentioned does not yet exist in Smack, but hopefully will soon. An ad-hoc command is used for this.