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Pubsub filter notifications

hello everybody,

I have some questions about pubsub’s filter notifications.

I just use my own xmpp client to login to openfire 3.6.3, and then I publish avatar(JEP-0084), packages like following:

It works fine and all my rosters get the notification of avatar and metadata,that’s fine,but when my rosters relogin,they will receive the same notification

again, something more like following:

I had made my precense notification like this:


And then the server asks my disco#info

I reply with this package:

then server sends all of my rosters’ pubsub data to my client

I just use my client login to ejabberd server ,do the same things, but ejabberd works fine,it do not send these notifications to me.

So I don’t know what’s the problem,maybe my client send the wrong package? I hope somebody can help me.thank you guys.

metadata package also has been sent to openfire, and all of my rosters can get this notification.

I just want to receive the metadata notification one time,because when my client receive this notification, it will query the avatar data,so the notification is nosense for my client,if all of my rosters have their own avatars,then it will waste more time to finish the login procedure.

I try another pubsub,jep-0107 http://jabber.org/protocol/mood, openfire does the same thing.

I have checked JEP-0060,JEP-0163,JEP-0115 several times, but I couldn’t find the keys to cancel these notifications, pls help me,thanks again.

maybe I generate the JEP-0115 ver string error,but if my SHA-1 is error, how can I send file to my roster use openfire’s proxy?(It’s also use sha-1 to find the other socks5 connection).


my disco#info response like below:

so I use this string to calculate ver string:



http://jabber.org/protocol/muc<http://jabber.org/protocol/si<urn:xmpp:avatar:dat a<urn:xmpp:avatar:metadata<urn:xmpp:avatar:metadata+notify<’

and the base64 string is “i3ZhZvvVggwwn5wHwDKqLCX4fjE=”

No body here? oh, I really want

your help!!!

It looks like your node is configured with the field pubsub#send_last_published_item set to*** on_sub_and_presence***. The message you are receiving is called a delay message and is configured by this value.

Look at example 127 for the form contents, while what you are seeing happen is described under Receiving the Last Published Item. This is not the default configuration though, I am pretty sure the default is on_sub.

Hope that helps.

Thank you rcollier,I agree with you,but there is something wrong with openfire

When I sent get package to server,like below:

<iq type=“get"


openfire sent package back like below:

[http://jabber.org/protocol/pubsub#node_config](http://jabber.org/protocol/pubsub#node_config) 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 authorize open presence roster whitelist presence publishers subscribers open publishers English trh@fuyootrh owner 0 0 1 5120

There is no **pubsub#send_last_published_item ,and I think maybe **pubsub#presence_based_delivery is the same meaning,but when I sent package like below,the server terminated the session:


If I set pubsub#send_last_published_item to on_sub, openfire didn’t send response back,the request has been discarded.

If I publish my avatar, all of my rosters will get one metadata notification(if he/she is offline,server will send to him/her when he/she logins next time), then my client will get the avatar data, that’s the answer for my question.

Even the server send the last publish item, if I has one method to tell the server that I have got the notification,it’s also fine,but I couldn’t find such method.

It may be a difference between version. The information I gave you was based on the latest version of the spec, which OpenFire doesn’t adhere to yet. Hopefully it will in the next release, but in the currently supported version the equivalent field is pubsub#send_item_subscribe, which*** ***is set to false for you node anyway, which kind of blows that theory, unless it has a bug in it.

***Hi rcollier, ***

*** I don’t the value of pubsub#send_item_subscribe meaning. ***

*** From the latest spec I know ***‘pubsub#send_last_published_item’ has 3 values:never,on_sub,on_sub_and_presence.

What’s the equivlent value of pubsub#send_item_subscribe?

I think the most important question is XEP0115’s implementation.

I am quite sure that my SHA-1 is right,because I used it with openfire’s proxy and it’s same with others implementions.BASE64 also is good,

I listed all my features in my disco#info response,so somebody can generate the BASE64 string(as XEP0115 said) to compare with mine.

Maybe openfire’s implementation has something wrong, I don’t know.

It’s a boolean, and already set to false in your case as you can see in your form.

Does anybody have other client supports XEP-0115


i think we have a same probleme

i’m searching a client to create a node in pubsub ca you help me

thank you in advance

Hello talsam

** Are you a developer? and what’s your native language?**

** My client is Chinese Simlified(GB2312).**

** As I know, there is no good client software for common pubsub, my client supports XEP-0084(Avatar) and XEP-0107(Mood) ,and I met this question, so I don’t implemente common pubsub.**

I registered two account on

xmppnet.de, Its server software is ejabberd, I didn’t change my client,it works very well,just as I wish.so I am quite sure that openfire have some bugs with XEP-0115 and pubsub, the main problem I think is XEP-0115.

When my client logins to ejabberd, I send XEP-0115 precense package,but it doesnot send disco#info package to my client,that means it can understand what can my client do,and then it doesn’t send avatar body package to my client,that’s fine.

Does anybody know this?

Nobody find this bug?

Is my source string right? XEP-0115 does not show such example(with “+notify”),I know if my string is wrong ,then my SHA-1 value must be different.

You may want to put these questions under another discussion since you seem to be having issues related to XEP-0115 moreso than pubsub. You are probably not hitting your intended audience with your questions. For instance I know a fair bit about pubsub, but nothing about 115.

I have spent much more time to intergrate openfire with MS SQL Server,and I really love other functions of openfire,you guys really do a wonderful job,but pubsub and PEP are not so good,I hope the next version of openfire will be better than current version.

Does anybody meet my question?