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Pubsub: Null XML Data on Receive

I am having issues accessing payload data from a pubsub application. I am receiving the pubsub event correctly, but the payload data has null for each tag in the XML message.

For example:

Lord of the Rings

is received as

nullnullLord of the Ringsnullnull

I am seeing this on both the sender’s loopback and receiver side.

Here is my node initiation:

private void pubsubStartServer(String node) throws XMPPException
        ConfigureForm form = new ConfigureForm(FormType.submit);
        form.setPublishModel(PublishModel.publishers);         //
        // Create pubsub node.  If pubsub node exists, delete it
        // and recreate it.
        // XXX: This might need to change if multiple server applications
        //      are expected.  Instead it should look if the node exists
        //      and connect to it instead of deleting it.  This would have
        //      implications on the stop routine as well.
                  myNode = (LeafNode) manager.createNode(node, form);           }catch(XMPPException e)
                  Log.d("xmpp-debug","createNode e:" + e.toString());                   // delete node
                  }catch(XMPPException e1)
                            Log.d("xmpp-debug","deleteNode e:" + e1.toString());
                  }                   // recreate the node (let exception throw to caller)
                  myNode = (LeafNode) manager.createNode(node, form);         }

Here is my send code:

public void sendMsg(String msgXML){
        // simple payload set element name and namespace to null
        // then msg must be well formed xml
        SimplePayload payload = new SimplePayload("","", "<message/>");
        PayloadItem<SimplePayload> item = new PayloadItem<SimplePayload>(null, payload);         // Publish item
        //myNode.publish(item);         try {
               } catch (XMPPException e) {
                         // TODO Auto-generated catch block
                         Log.d("xmpp-debug","XMPP:send:e" + e.toString());
               }         Log.d("xmpp-debug", "XMPP:sendmsg:" + item.getPayload().toXML());

LogCat: XMPP:sendmsg:

Here is my receive class:

class ItemEventCoordinator implements ItemEventListener<PayloadItem<SimplePayload>> {
               public void handlePublishedItems(ItemPublishEvent<PayloadItem<SimplePayload>> items) {                          for(int i = 0; i<items.getItems().size();i++)
                              PayloadItem<SimplePayload> payload = (PayloadItem<SimplePayload>) items.getItems().get(i);                               Log.d("xmpp-debug","XMPP:payload:" + payload.getPayload());
                         }                }

LogCat: XMPP:payload:org.jivesoftware.smackx.pubsub.SimplePayloadpayload [null]

Thanks in advance, I have looked through the documentation and forums and can’t make heads or tails of this.


Here is the answer I found on another forum: