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PubSub override ACR: can a subscriber get the subscription list?

Hi, because it is not in the XEP-0060 specs I wanted to know if it is possible in openfire pubsub to override the access control rules (ACR) of the subscriber so that he can access the subscription list (e.g. a subscriber wants to get all users who subscribed to the node, not only the owner of the node)? It would be reasonable because the same is possible in the MUC and it should be possible to build a MUC with pubsub because it’s more abstract. Please correct me if I’m wrong… Thanks!

I don’t think this is possible out of the box, so you probably have 2 options:

  • write a plugin that will make every subscriber an owner.
  • customize the servers behaviour

I don’t have the code base in front of me so I don’t know how feasible the plugin is.

what do you mean by customize the servers behaviour? just modify the source code?

Yes. Create a customized version of the server.

I would check to see if you can do it via a plugin first.