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Pubsub: support for member affiliation?

The PubSubEngine class seems like it lacks support for the member affiliation in the modifyNodeAffiliations method. With the way the code is structured now, if the affiliation is not owner, publisher, or none it defaults to outcast. It is also not clear that this method actually saves changes back to the db. Please find a patch included with this report which resolves this problem. Being new to this code it is not totally clear that this is the right approach, but it does solve the problem. Also, find attached a set of XML stanzas which allow you to reproduce the problem.

See section 4.5 (whitelist) in XEP-0060 for background.

Is there a better way to report bugs?

Hey csharp36,

Thanks for the bug report. This is the right place to report them. We are overwhelmed with lot of work so our response time is not the fastest. I’m now looking into this and report back. BTW, Openfire does not support version 1.10 of the spec but an oldest one (iirc, 1.8).


– Gato

Hey csharp36,

The concept of member was added after we implemented version 1.8 of the spec. Your changes would let you specify that a user is a member but I don’t see where that information is being used. I would love to include your patches but I think that they are not complete yet. BTW, the method Node#addAffiliation is storing the information in the DB so there is no need to add that to the PubSubEngine.

Thanks for your help.

– Gato

Thanks for the reply. Strange, affiliations I set were not persisted without this change. You can test this with the stanzas I attached.