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Ok, I get what pubsub is supposed to do, the pushing and pulling of information to subscribed people from/to the nodes. My question is, what do you physically use to get the nodes created, subscribed, and information delivered? Is there an application, or better information on how to get the node created and the information published? Currently the information on this site is written in tag language, but no information how to get that tag infomation to the server and how it intercts with the server to create nodes and place the published information within the nodes for user digestion. Insight, ideas?

Getting the information to the server is the job of your client application. So that would be dependent on the client libraries you are using. Assuming it is Java, you can use Smack along with the pubsub extensions I wrote for it. More information is here with a simple example of its usage.

There is no admin type application for using pubsub at this point, but I am hoping to create something as part of the admin console for OpenFire in the future. Currently, you can easily discover/create/config nodes via the aforementioned extensions.

Hope this helps you out.

Thanks for the info. Yes, I read your example earlier before I posted this. I guess what I need to ask is your code. How do you input that to create the node and post it on the server, or is that what you are saying. There is no user friendly way to do this and one must write code to publish this information?

To use your code, one would need a script written and launch from the a shell(speaking for *NIX, solely)?

You would have to write a Java program that does whatever it is you want to do, and then run it. Shell scripts are not necessary, just execute the program. If you are not familiar with developing Java, the information I gave you is not of much use.

yeah, not a java writer. So I guess will have to wait until someone who is writes a program. Thanks.

No application has been developed currently that will allow end-users to publish or subscribe to nodes. Code is well documented on how to USE the service for developers, however the end-user is not currently capable of publishing or subscribing to such service unless they are familiar with coding applications.

Yeah, pubsub always was a mystery to me. It seems it have a lot of potential, but on the other side it is still something i cant grab and use it as an admin to make my users’ experience richer, nor i cant use it for myself as a user And it’s been this for 2-3 years since i’ve heard about pubsub for the first time. Probably there is more stuff like this in the XMPP.