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Purge Offline Messages

Is there a way, I can purge all offline messages. Just that I have some in the queue, and for some reason, messages that are being sent to offline uses, are not getting delivered. I figured that, if I could purge the offline messages, maybe they would start being delivered again.


Without going into the database and manually deleting them I am not too sure what you can do. There is a tab in the admin console for dropping/storing offline messages. Maybe playing selecting Drop will fix the problem.

Hey Stephen,

I would recommend focusing on the reason why offline messages are not being delivered. Is that happening to all users or only some users? Do you see some other errors in the log files? If an offline message contains invalid XML (e.g. due to a misconfiguration in the DB or the JDBC driver - e.g. not using UTF8 format) then it may prevent messages to be delivered.


– Gato


Things were working fine, until I upgraded to Openfire…since then, it has been playing up. By that I mean, not delivering offline messages. One minute it won’t work, then it starts working. Let me give you an example. I can send multiple messages to a user, nothing comes thru. then all of a sudden, offline messages start being delivered but, not the ones I previously sent. eg. I can send the following.

  1. Test 1

  2. Test 2

  3. Test 3

Only test 3 gets delivered…not the other two…not happening to everyone, that is why I can’t figure out what is wrong. So my guess was, if I could clean out what was in the message store, maybe things would right themselves…



are you sure that the messages are not delivered? I wonder if your client (Spark?) is not displaying the messages.

You could enable the audit log file within Openfire or enable the debugger within Spark before logging in to verify that offline messages are not received.


Hi, we are using OpenFire (current version) with PSI 0.1 and Spark 2.5.5. PSI will receive messages that have been stored while the client was offline. Spark ignores those messages. So this seemes to be a Spark problem.


Hi Tom,

SPARK-570 seems to match this problem.


I’am not shure, as SPARK-570 says that only one message is displayed. Spark 2.5.0 most often does not display any offline messages. Well, but if two messages are waiting, one is displayed. As this can be reproduced quite easily, it should be easy to correct it.


For whatever reason, i cannot seem to reproduce this issue at all. I’m wondering if there is some exception happening on particular client(s) that never gets the handling of the offline messages. Any error logs?

Ho do I turn on debugging or an error log? The normal Log (Help, View Logs) has no entries connected to this failure, and Help does not say anything about logs.

Hi Derek,

as far as I remember there was no exception, Smack did receive the messages fine but Spark did fail to display them.

http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/141817 was the original thread with a short test case - and this seems to be fixed now. I don’t have a 2.5.0-beta3 client any more, and also I can’t reproduce it with Spark 2.5.0 or Spark 2.5.5. But Spark takes very long before it displays these messages, not sure what it does after displaying the main window.


On Spark login screen click the Advanced button and check the Start Debugger on Startup. There used to be a shortcut key when you’ve logged on (F11 if I’m not mistaken), but it doesn’t work since the last few releases.

Hi it2000,

Spark 2.5.5 does not display the messages after some time. The only thing that was possible: When sending a PSI messages and a PSI chat while offline, the message gets displayed when back online.

Hi aznidin,

bad luck: I’m using a German Spark 2.5.5 - and I could not find anything that looks like “advanced” or “debug” (or the German translations I would associate with this). I can’t find anything to switch to English, too.


to enable the debugger: On the initial login screen click the Advanced button. On the General tab for advance setting the last option should be enable debugger.


you really need to set this before you login, you’ll see “_A_ccounts Erweitert and Login” and want to click Erweitert and select then “Start Debugger on startup”.

What I did mean was with “I can’t reproduce it with Spark 2.5.0 or Spark 2.5.5. But Spark takes very long before it displays these messages,” that for me Spark opens and takes then 1-2 seconds to open the chat window and then it displays all messages. I’m quite sure that in former times Spark did open the chat window very soon and there the messages were lost. Not sure why I can’t reproduce it any more.


This issue should be fixed in the latest spark release (2.5.6). Was a timing issue



Hi Derek,

it is working perfectly using Sparks 2.5.6. Thanks!