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Purging Message History on a regular basis

Does anyone have a good method of purging the message histories that Spark saves. I have been tasked with making sure to only keep about a month’'s worth of IM history.

I see that the message histories are saved in the \Spark\user[username@domain.com]\transcripts folder as .xml and _current.xml files. Could someone explain the difference between these two files, and if there is one in particular that I might want to purge on a regular bases. I am also wondering if there are constraints on how much info is kept in these files (e.g. size or number of lines)…

I noticed that I can purge all of the history by disabling then enabling chat history in the prefs. Clearing the chat history for each person I’‘ve IM doesn’‘t work either. Even after selecting ‘‘clear history’’ in a chat window. The history will show up again after I open and close the chat window. These are moot points anyway, because I’‘d like to enforce a policy automatically and don’'t want to leave it up to each user to purge.

I will be trying to make a login vbscript (in windows domain) in the next few days, but would like to hear some input from others.


the *_current.xml files are small and contain just a few lines. They will be displayed if you open a chat. The other xml files contain the full history.

Cutting these files will not be easy as you must make sure that you produce a valid xml file which starts with “…”.

I’'m not aware of an option to limit the size or to rotate the files.