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Push bot?

Are there any bots that connect to a specific users account and then remain logged in, forwarding messages?

For instance, the bot logs into the xmpp account user@server.com with lowest priority, and forwards missed messages to prowl ( http://prowl.weks.net/ ) API commands which are pushed to a persons iphone.

The prowl command in a shell script for example looks like this:

#! /bin/sh

txt=messagefromromeo && curl -l https://prowl.weks.net/publicapi/add -d apikey=XXX -d priority=0 -d application=“XMPP” -d event=romeo@montague.net -d description="$txt"

Well I install Mcabber as a bot on my ubuntu server and have that running in the background sending the prowl push messages whenever my bot receives a message, it works!

The only problem is, the messages that get pushed to the phone are lost, is there are way to program a plugin that lets you specify a user and a resource or resource priority that will receive messages from the server, BUT the xmpp server will also store the messages, so the next time a user logs in with a high priority resource the messages will be loaded as if they were stored offline messages? Thanks!


Basically the plugin will perform SEND & STORE if a resource meets a specific priority (e.g. -1 or -50 priority)