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Push Notifications Plugin

Perhaps I’m missing something, but, is there supposed to be any additional configuration needed to make the Push Notification plugin work? The documentation is pretty light. I have tried a couple of iOS XMPP clients that support push notifications, they show my Openfire server as offering XEP-0357 support, but push notifications never work when I enable it (either get a generic error on the client or just never receive any notifications at all).

I’m sort of at a loss as to where to look next. Thanks in advance.

The Openfire push notifications plugin generates an event that it sends, over XMPP, to a service operated on behalf of the client author. That service will, in turn, generate the push notification that eventually ends up on your phone.

There are a couple of places where things can go wrong. The push notification plugin is pretty verbose in in its logging. I suggest that you enable debug logging in Openfire, and monitor what is being logged when a message is being sent to the client for which push notifications are enabled. Based on the logs, we should be able to determine in what part of the flow the problem occurs.

Hey Guus, thanks for that. After turning up the debugging logging I made some tweaks to my S2S settings that seems to have made the difference.

Guus: Is there a known resource publishing a list of clients that support XEP-0357?

I do not know of such a list.


Can you please tell what tweaks you made in S2S settings… It will be really helpful