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Push Notifications with Openfire?

I have tried everything to get push notifications to work with IOS and Openfire. Does anyone else have push notifications working with Openfire 4.5.1, Java 11 or 8 and the new plugin 0.7.0-SNAPSHOT? I have tried older versions and configurations, but that didn’t work.

Is there another plugin project that does work?

For now I had to write a simple python code to send me an SMS if I am offline, but seems to be a bug with that too. It doesn’t always show the clients offline. Adjusted the idle time to 15 seconds, but they still show online. Even if the app is forced closed. But this is just a work around until I find a solutions for true push.

Thanks in advance!

I think you can try this one. Although it is not based on XEP-0357

I’m using CallbackOnOffline plugin to dispatch a callback and running some code on IIS to create a chat request via my user’s MDM client push receiver.

The callback endpoint is a simple classic ASP script that looks up the JID to get the device ID, then invokes MobileIron’s client messaging URL to pop a banner.

Please note that since this discussion was started, version 0.6.0 of the Openfire Push Notification plugin was released. This fixes the problem that was introduced in the development build that was version 0.7.0-SNAPSHOT.