Push to talk using open fire


I am trying to implement some sort of Push To Talk (walkie talkie) and I was thinking of using openfire & XMPP as the basis for it.

Do you think this is a wise choice? Should I try to create a plugin, or go deep into the xmpp code?


Cool idea - and yes I think XMPP (via Openfire) could support this type of application, but certainly you would need to build some new custom components for both the device/client and the server. A good place to start your assessment would be with the XMPP protocol specifications. Some of the extension protocols might also be useful, particularly MUC and PubSub (for example, to emulate various W/T channels or frequencies). After you have a handle on the various protocol elements that would be applicable, you could start tinkering with the Openfire plugin API to build out your solution.