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PW with >16 (?) letters break login (MSN)

Might be another bug:

If you choose a MSN password with many letters (I think it might be more than 16) openfire cannot login anymore and states wrong password. Logging in directy to MSN works, so it’s not the password itself, make it shorter and it starts working (Numbers, uppercase, lowercase, no special chars). Maybe DB field to small? Haven’t done any research where it breaks.

Same here, some reply would be marvellous

laugh You waited only 6 days before asking on the status?

Anyway, the DB field is quite long, so that wouldn’t be the issue. Sounds like a potential issue with JML. In fact that’s about the only place I could think of that would be able to cause it. Posted a bug report on JML’s bug tracker. java-jml.sf.net.