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pyAIM-t Processor Spike

This is not a huge problem if not that fact that I have no hardware to give to this issue.

A little background : I have Wildfire 2.4.4 on a dual proc SuSe10 server.

and a seperate single proc Suse9.1 server for the External Gateways.

Every time a client logs on to a transport or registers with the transport, python

spikes that single proc at 100%. It does back down after the client finishes the request.

but it was not a pretty thing when the server was first deployed and I had 700 client registering at the same time… I think the cpu stayed spiked for a good 5 hours.

Is there any adjustments I can make, performance tuning, or configuration of pyAIM-t or pyMSN that will be “easier” on that single proc server?


M. S.

Hey Mick,

I would recommend posting your question to the Py* gateways url=http://www.modevia.com/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/py-transportsforum[/url]. I think that you will have better chances to get a more accurate reply there.


– Gato

Sorry about that. Thanks for the direction.

On a Positive note , my wildfire server is solid with a average peak of 1,000 clients with no stress at all. Great development!!

Awesome. Thanks for the feedback.


– Gato