Pyaim with wildfire 3 beta

I have installed and configured pyaim-t, all that good stuff and got it working perfectly. The aim transport registers and the contacts port over. The problem I am having is that I need to be logged in to the server to see the transport. I want to register my google talk account on the aim transport but when I browse my host the list is empty. If I disconnect from google and connect to the jabber server, then browse they show up. I am guessing this is some sort of authentication thing; however I have no clue where to look to change it.

Have you setup your DNS to point to your AIM transport address? I’‘m guessing its something like – you’'ll need a valid address for Google Talk or any outside server to see.

what am i missing here - how are the aim transport and google talk related?

i believe the only way to establish connection with google talk users is via s2s and in order to do that you have to have a resolvable hostname on the net. i.e. google talk servers have to be able to see your server via dns lookup.


Did you figure out how to configure wildfire 3 to use pyaim-t with it?

Would appreciate if you coudl share the info with me

FYI, just to be sure noone will miss that