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Pyaimt-t / wildfire / linux = slow

I’'m seeing an odd issue. If anyone else has seen this let me know.

  1. On winXP environment, running Wildfire 2.5.1 and py-aimt 0.7b/c, messages sent from my XMPP client to AIM are processed immediately.

  2. on linux environment running the same setup, messages from my XMPP client to AIM take about 40-60 seconds, while a message from AIM to XMPP client is almost immediate.

Anyone else seeing this? Any clues?


Hi bluestars! I’‘m the author of pyaim-t. It’‘s interesting that you say this because I had observed the same ‘‘ridiculous’’ slowness when trying jive messenger before, and thought that this issue had been resolved. It’‘s also highly interesting to me that the problem doesn’'t exist under WinXP.

Not really anything helpful to say here as something is going on beyond my control. (ie, the stanzas just aren’‘t -getting- to pyaim in a fast fashion, so there’‘s not much i can do about it) But I’'m very interested to see what comes of this.

Hey bluestars,

Daniel are I are working together in this issue. Attached you will find a plugin that will print to the stdout the timestamp when a packet was received from a client and when it was sent to the component. By default, all components (internal and external) are going to be profiled. If this is a problem for you we can guide you how to setup the plugin to only track one component based on its domain.

This plugin will quickly help us identify where the problem is. If you are obersving this problem again then check the logs/stdout.log file and update this thread with the logged information. BTW, where you running other heavy processes in the linux box? How was the network traffic doing?


– Gato

  1. In terms of load on the linux box, yes, there are some batch processes which run, which may up the load average on the machine to about 4 or 5. At max this may occur every 5 minutes or so.

  2. I will install the plugin and publish results for your enjoyment.

Thanks for the response!!

Just FYI =D “so far so good” I just swapped from ejabberd to wildfire and I didn’‘t see horrible slowdown or anything. I’'ll keep you posted!

Okay, I ran some tests using the plugin. I didn’'t see any lag in the message coming in and being sent out.

I think this is an issue where our server’'s load average spikes above 6-7, and everything slows down.

Does anyone know what load average a linux box should remain at to be useful?


I’‘ve got another thread going about a weird problem that I ran into that may be related. Basically, “something happened” where the yahoo transport I’‘m running crashed in the middle of some communication. It drove the usage of wildfire up to a ridiculous degree (load climbed from 0-ish to 10-ish). What fixed it was to go into s2s and I happened to see my transport listed there as an s2s connection and once I killed the connection to the transport via the close connection button, the load immediately dropped back down. Weird! Still, I’'m trying to figure out how to reproduce it so I can report it in a reasonable manner. =)

Anytime you see load go through the roof, it would be very helpful to get a thread dump. On Unix/Linux, you can do that by sending “kill -3” to the Wildfire process. That will cause it to write out the thread dump to stderr.



Awesome! I will make sure to do that!

OK! I had it happen again. I now have a thread dump file. (it actually has 3 thread dumps as I attempted to locate exactly where it was dumping to ) It also seems to have some sort of other information in it. Maybe it’'ll all be useful! This is with 2.6.1. And I currently have chat.yahoo.jabber.vorpalcloud.org and yahoo.jabber.vorpalcloud.org in my s2s list as “Outgoing” connections, and jabber.vorpalcloud.org as an incoming s2s connection. (uhmmm the server -is- jabber.vorpalcloud.org ;D )

Host Connection Creation Date Last Activity Close Connection



Outgoing Apr 12, 2006 1:49:24 PM 8:12 PM



Incoming 7:53 PM 8:10 PM



Incoming Apr 12, 2006 1:49:24 PM 8:12 PM



Outgoing Apr 12, 2006 1:49:24 PM 8:12 PM

Now. Where should I post the thread dump? it’'s rather large. 1406 lines/84K.

Sidenote… I closed just the yahoo.jabber.vorpalcloud.org connection and that cleared up chat.yahoo.jabber.vorpalcloud.org and jabber.vorpalcloud.org as well. (immediately)

Hey Daniel,

Since yahoo.jabber.vorpalcloud.org and chat.yahoo.jabber.vorpalcloud.org were doing piggybacking over jabber.vorpalcloud.org they were all sharing the same connection. So closing the connection released them all together.

You can send me the 3 thread dumps so I can give them a look. It is better to have 3 dumps instead of 1 so I can see the movie instead of just a picture.


– Gato