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Pymsnt doesn''t run

Hi guys,

I tried to install/run pymsnt but it didn’'t work, maybe you could help me.

I followed the tutorial http://ejabberd.jabber.ru/pymsnt and it does not run.

My OS is WinXPPro with Python2.3.

First I downloaded Twisted, PyCrypto and PyOpenSSL and Zope.

Then I downloaded pymsnt and extracted it to c:\pymsnt.

Now I tried to start config.py but nothing happens.

Maybe someone has an idea.


can you post your configuration file for pymsnt?




Hey bsemf,

One thing to remember is that external components JID must include the server name of the XMPP server they are connecting to. So if your server name is “localhost” then your MSN gateway may be “msn.localhost”.


– Gato


in addition to gato’‘s recommendation, you will want to uncomment out the where domainname is the domain you’'ve setup Jive Messenger for.

and make sure you’'ve configured jive messenger to accept external protocols on port 5347 with password 123

Another possible problem is the Python and Twisted Version.

I installed punjab lately an it only worked with newes Python 2.4.2 and Twisted Sumo 2005-25-05