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Pymsnt & PyICQ-t & PyAIM-t all info here!


can somebody help / tell me how to and all detailed steps how to install PyMSNT & PyICQ-t & PyAIM-t ??

so that everybody can install it on wildfire!

i have seen much topics… but not one good!

so if somebody will help me? and others.

Greatings Menno

I recently have set up all three and they all are pretty easy to set up. May be you might want to try this thread.


I also just found out (to my shocking) (cause I have been ignorantly unexpected of it) that pymsnt is saving the password in clear text. pyaimt and pyicqt has some password encryption mechanism but I still have not checked it to be sure. They both are developed by the same developer.



Indeed =) I have encryption support in pyaimt and pyicqt. See config_example.xml in the root of the distributions and look for the option to the xmlfiles xdb driver. I’'ll have better docs for that online at some point. Note that I hope to have step by step instructions for setting pyicq and pyaim fashioned at http://wiki.blathersource.org/ at some point. =)

Naw, a quetion for you … You say they are all pretty easy to set up. Assuming you are running them still, what OS are you running them under and are they functionality cheerfully? I used to have a lot of problems with slowness with pyaim when I tried to switch to jive messenger. I haven’'t tried wildfire yet.

Hey Daniel,

I used to have a lot of problems with slowness with pyaim when I tried to switch to jive

messenger. I haven’'t tried wildfire yet.

If you ever run into this type of problems feel free to contact me directly so I can profile the server and figure out what’'s going on and make it work faster.


– Gato

Any chance I can get your jabber id so we can look at it real time at some point? I’'m certainly not going to be offended if you say no.

Actually, mine is daniel@jabber.vorpalcloud.org. =D

Hey Daniel,

We just added some XMPP support to our forums, so, Gato actually provided his XMPP addy in his profile, you can do the same if you choose. Everyone has a little icon underneath their name which indicates if they are online or not if they have provided there XMPP information. You can mouse-over it to get their addy.



Howdy! Wow, I had just asked Matt about that too. lol Hey, I noticed that it has @jivesoftware.com at the end of the entry for my XMPP address. I would be entering daniel@jabber.vorpalcloud.org which isn’‘t @jivesoftware.com. Do external addresses not work or? =) Sorry that this isn’'t directly related to this particular thread.

Hey Daniel,

Just checked with Matt and this feature is using the Presence Plugin on our local wildfire instance which only returns results for jivesoftware.com.


Aww! =) For what it’‘s worth I’'m running wildfire now with the presence pluging installed. hehehe

I have let it run in Gentoo Netboot Linux. To be honest, I haven’‘t tested much yet (lot and lots of excuses: I don’'t have aim or icq accounts and buddies to begin with ). I just tried to install it to see how it works . I think you have made a pretty good job. It is really easy to set up. Recently I am reading python (totally stranger to python) so that I can integrate your encryption code to pymsn-t .