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Python script for sending messages

Our software guys wrote a python script to send messages to users, and it’'s not working since ver 2.2 or so and now I need to solve this.

My guess is there’‘s something to do with SASL, but I’'m not sure. What say ye?

Here is the email I got from the guys while running in debug:

Here’'s the section of code in question:

jid = xmpp.protocol.JID( senderId + “@chat.our.dom” )

jclient = xmpp.Client( “chat.our.dom”, debug = [] )


jclient.auth( jid.getNode(), senderPassword ) #

I don’‘t have a solution for you but this is pretty interesting because something very similar happens with the Perl Net::XMPP. Have you tested the Python code against other SASL implementations, e.g., the Cyrus code? I’'m beginning to wonder if the Java SASL implementation is either (a) buggy or (b) more stringent than the Perl/Python libraries.