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Query delete user


can some one give me the query for dellete user form DB?

User and all user setting

You should use the admin panel to delete users and all their related data.

If you are writing a plugin you might use: UserManager:deleteUser(User)

yes but if i have 22k user to delete or if i must delet all user not logged from a long time?

in your position, i would write a small plugin which cleans up the openfire by your creteria. you might need a lot of logic within your sql statement to clean every user related data. the sql query may also be related to plugins your are using.

executing such query within a live system might be a bit dangerous. let OF handle the database on his own and keep it consitent.

you can suggest me a plugin?

The User Service Plugin http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugins/userservice/readme.html should help, it allows to delete useres with HTTP requests.