Query Variables in Routing Rules Bug?

Can someone verify this for me? I think this may be a bug in the query logic.

I’‘ve got two Form UI List items that start with the same. I’'m using support agents full names as the criteria, and then routing them to the correct queue. Two of my agents have the same first name, example: John Doe and John Smith.

The routing is set up correctly, so if someone selects ‘‘John Smith’’ it goes to the ‘‘jsmith’’ queue. If they select ‘‘John Doe’’ it goes to the ‘‘jdoe’’ queue. This works for everyone, BUT these users. It looks like the query logic is just parsing the first name, ignoring anything after the space, and then dropping it to the first queue in the routing rules.

I’'ve gotten around this by changing ‘‘John Doe’’ and ‘‘John Smith’’ to be ‘‘Smith,John’’ and ‘‘Doe,John’’ on the form UI.

I just thought someone from development might want to verify this issue.


Nice find. This is a bug. I have logged it with an ID of: LIVE-1221. Thanks again for reporting this!

Talking this over with others, this is a bug, however there is a workaround. After creating the rules, go back in and edit them. You’'ll notice that the value is in a text field instead of a drop down. Simply put a " at the beginning and end, so that the name is “John Doe” and “John Smith” instead of John Doe and John Smith. The rules will now be routed successfully.