Question about broadcasting messages

I like to routinely send messages out to all online users, but it appears that when there are users who are away, it bounces their messages back to all other users. Is there any way to avoid this?


Could you explain it more, maybe an example. How are you sending these broadcasts? What clients do you use?

Almost all clients are Miranda IM. I am using the Send Message feature on the sessions page. It sends to all users from my server address.


Dont get it. You said it bounces messages? Describe this please I have never seen that while broadcasting with Send Message. I’'m using Exodus clients though.

Basically, if a user has an away message set and I do a send message, the message shows up in everyone’‘s client program. I use Miranda IM which is a tabbed client. When I send the message I get one tab from the server, then additional tabs from users who’'s status is away.


I see. Have just tried to send a broadcast with Send Message while Exodus was online and Miranda away. No bouncing appeared at Exodus. Wildfire 3.0.1, Miranda