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Question about fonts

This may be a stupid question, but I’'m fairly new to the wildfire server and Spark, but is there anyway for the chatters in group or single chat to change their fonts, style and or sizes? Ive not able to find anywhere where this is an option. I have version 2.0.7 but on the editors bar the only thing is the smilies and spellcheck, there is no text editor for fonts. is this right ? or is this an option I have to create a plugin for?Any help would be appreciated.

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Is there any plan to enable the ability for people using Spark to increase the font size? Some of our chat reps have trouble reading the small print on the screen.

We are having staff complain as well that they cannot read the fonts. the worst is past conversations that are a light gray.

I agree. One of our reps can’'t read that grey at all =)