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Question about how to deploy Wifi in Tomcat

I want to translate audio from clinet,get the audio and make it as input of my appliction.Because my application is running in tomcat,then i think i should deploy wifi in tomcat,in this way i can connect them by java program.

But my question is how to deploy wifi in tomcat?i hope when i start tomcat,the wildfile also start to work.

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may I ask you to edit your post and remove some ‘’!’’?

Can you access the Tomcat default page ?

Your .war file is called wildfire.war - can you access ?

It usually helps to post more than one time if you have completely different questions. “Another question is how can i get the message translated into wifi at the server side?” seems to be a developer question which you did post already in the Smack forum so you could also remove it while editing your post. Duplicate questions are really annoying.

I’'m happy that you like the Wifi token


Hey ethanfeng,

You can check the Installing Wildfire as a web application[/url] document to learn how to deploy Wildfire in Tomcat.

Regarding the translation question I would like to know which messages are you looking to translate? If you want to translate messages sent between clients then there is no server support for that. You may want to write a server plugin that provides a new service to translate message text. I haven’‘t checked the url=http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0171.html Language Translation JEP[/url] but you might find it useful. Spark uses a plugin to translate messages and I think that it’'s using a google service for that.


– Gato


I had edited my post and i am sorry for my confusion in writing.

I can connect to Tomcat default page,but i canot connect

to the wildfire page.When tomcat start,it tell that server has something wrong when start up,and let me to see the log for more information.I think the renson is

that i did not config wifi?Should i config it in wildfire.xml or at ?


Thank you for your reply.I had learned the "Installing Wildfire as a web applicat-

ion".But i think i had something wrong with my operation,and it did not run well.

What i want to translate is string type message and audio,just as you know,gtalk

is also based on xmpp,and we can talk through it,so i think there must be some

way to translate audio through xmpp protocal.I just want to realize translating thr-

ough clinet and server,not clinet to clinet.

Now what i want to realize is translate a string type message from clinet to wifi,

and get this string at the serverside.Then use this string type message as the input

of my application,which is running in tomcat as a web server.This is why i try to de-ploy wifi into tomcat.

But my current question is:

1>I have not run the wifi in tomcat well,and i will try later.

2>I donot know how to get the string message at the wifi server side.

My english is not very well,and i hope i can declare my thought clearly to you.

Waiting for your reply


This is what i do when i deploy wifi in tomcat:

  1. decompress wildfire_src_2_5_0.zip to (E:

2.run ant and get wildfire.war at (E:

3.copy wildfire.war under webapp directory of tomcat

4.start tomcat,and the wildfire.war was “exploded” and a new wildfire folder was

created under the webapps folder.

(but although the tomcat start up,it show me that there was wrong when start

and want me to check log for more information)

5.my wildfire home is (E:

and i make sure there is no admin folder in


6.go to D:
WEB-INF,and create wildfire_init.xml,(it is

created at the same route with web.xml ,sitemesh.xml).and then i write

( E:
wildfireHome )in the


  1. Run http://localhost:8080/wildfire/login.jsp.

But it still canot run well,and when tomcat start up.it often tell me that?

home directory has not configured

java.io.filenotfoundexception:xml properties do not exist:wildfire.xml

log name was none --wildfire home not set?

What was wrong with my operation in my deploy??


may you use the Tomcat configure option to add this “Java Option”:[code]


-Dcatalina.home=… // this line is already there


I did try the “D:
WEB-INF,and create wildfire_init.xml
” approach only one time and it failed.



I had solve this problem now with your advice.Thank you!


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doh! you have made the thread answer without giving points to anybody! you can still give him helpful points tho

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