Question about JVM and Wildfire

When I Installed Wildfire on my Develop Server I notice that the JVM max memory that i could use was about 96MB, I thougt it was because that server only has 256MB of Ram Memory Installed, now, I have installed Wildfire in a server with 1Gb of ram and the maximum amount of memory of the JVM its the same (about 96MB) why is this happenig? Do i need to install the JVM from the SUN MicroSystems site?

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If you don’'t specify the JVM memory, by default a small amount will be allocated. I expected it to be 64Mb.

You can adjust this value with specific parameters like -Xms and -Xmx if you use Sun JVM (If you use another one like BEA JRockit or IBM it is probably the same because very often used … but I am not sure).

-Xms tells the system which is the initial heap memory allocated to your virtual machine.

-Xmx tells the system whcih is the maximum heap memory.

Have a look at this URL or make another search with google.

You could try for example on your machine to start the server with -Xms 128M -Xmx 128M on your machine and with -Xms 512M -Xmx 512M on your server.