Question about last logout in 3.1.1 and some feature requests

Hi all. I finally got around to upgrading to 3.1.1, and I was curious about something. If the last logout time is completely blank, does that mean the user has not ever logged in? I’‘m going through trying to clean up all my user records, and I’'m noticing several where that field is just blank.

Secondly, would it be possible to get a feature added where the users and related information is deleted if they’‘ve not logged in for a certain amount of time? It seems I have several people who create accounts, log in one time, and then never connect again. So I’‘m sitting around with all their crap for 6 months, and until now haven’‘t known just how many people had done that. I’‘d also settle for knowing which things to delete in the SQL database to clear the users out, though I know that tends to be problematic while Wildfire is running. Plus, it wouldn’'t work for people using the embedded database.

Lastly, and this isn’‘t related to the last logout thing, would it be possible to disallow connections to local transports from outside Jabber servers? For example, I run transports for AIM, ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo. I have probably 10 to 15 times more users who use those transports from outside my server. I’‘d like to limit them to only people from within my server, but know of no way to actually do this. I know the new IM gateway is supposed to only allow connections from the local server, but I’'m not able to really use that yet. I do want to allow connection from the outside for some things (like MUC), so maybe this could be done to allow specific domains to receive connections from the outside? Anyway, let me know what you guys think. Thanks!



@2ndly: Deleting the users, rosters and subscriptions manually is possible but as soon as the database layout changes it may no longer work. There’'s the option to delete users in Wildfire and the “User Service Plugin” to do this. Maybe one wants to write a plugin which deletes old users.

@1st: I’‘m not sure whether the last logout time is written to the database if Wildfire is shut down. So if one logs in and does never disconnect this could be problematic - I didn’'t look at the code but there are products which behave like this.