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Question about multiple apps

So am curious to know how openfire works with multiple independent application. I have 3 different applications that am working on and i would like all 3 of them to use the firebase server. So my question is do i need a instance of openfire for each app and if so how do i install openfire 3 times on a computer since i dont think that is possible.
If this is not the case how can i point openfire to the 3 different databases since i could only choose one at the point of installing openfire.

I think the best approach in this scenario is to have 3 servers (virtual probably) for every application/Openfire installation. Also, are you sure Openfire will work with firebase? I don’t see a script for it in the Openfire/resources/database. Unless it uses some regular SQL structure. Not familiar with that DB.

Am sorry not firebase, i meant openfire. Yea i was trying to figure how to have 3 instances of openfire in one computer.

You’ll probably be better off running Openfire on three VMs. Openfire uses a lot of ports, and each instance needs to run on it’s own set of ports, managing that will be troublesome.


damn that is gonnna be a problem , because if i a cloud vpn i could only install 1 app on it. so i will need to rent out 3 different vpns

Do you really need three different servers? A server will support multiple plugins, related or otherwise.


you can do both the option.

For option 1 you may need you can set openfire server in each app with the same domain but register your user with some different unique id’s from each app. It depends on your requirements.

Second option is also achievable but for that you may need to alter port number for all the service so neither of instance are conflict with each other. I have installed 5 instance in single machine.

you last suggestion is near to impossible that openfire server can look up into 3 other database and if you want to do so you need modification and if you are interested then let me know i will do that part but not for free :slight_smile: ).

Sorry for the delay i been busy. What i want is to have a database for each app so i can have users information stored by their corresponding apl

What you’ve been told by gdt and Hiren1, is that maybe you can have one database, but have 3 types of users in there for every app. Say app1user1@domain, app2user1@domain, app3user3@domain. Unless this is a MUST to have a different database for every app or every app will have different domain names. Then the easiest way is to have 3 servers.

As Hiren1 says, it is possible to have 3 servers on one machine, but you will have to play with ports (and your clients will have to use non-standard ports for 2 other servers, this will involve changing configuration for some clients or programming them with different ports, this can be messy and it will be easy to make mistakes).

Hiren1 also says it is probably possible to make one Openfire instance to work with 3 databases. But you will have to pay him to achieve that :slight_smile: You can discuss this with him via PM.