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Question about Openfire License


We are going to make a commercial IM with Openfire and Spark.

I know that the license of Openfire and Spark IM are under Apache 2.0.

But in your read me file, you specified some license policies as follow.

All ownership and copyright of the images and icons included in the Software

distribution remain the property of Jive Software and INCORS GmbH. Jive Software

grants to you a nonexclusive, non-sublicensable right to use the icons royalty-free

as part of Openfire.

You may not lease, license or sub-license the icons, or a subset of the icons,

or any modified icons to any third party. You may not incorporate them into your

own software or design products.

All icon files are provided “As is” without warranties of merchantability and

fitness for a particular purpose. You agree to hold Jive Software harmless for

any result that may occur during the course of using the licensed icons.

So our questions are as follows.

  • If the images are prohibited to use commercial use, we are going to substitute all images to other images.
  • Of course we are going to follow your license policy (Apache 2.0)
  • If we make commercial instant messenger with Xabber as described above, are there any problems?

If we have a problem, please let us know.


Hi Alex,

Thanks for reaching out. Those licensing issues are always tricky. I’m no expert, but I believe that the intention of that license is to allowed usage if the IconExperience (by INCORS) imagery within Openfire, but restrict its usage to Openfire. My understanding of that part of the license is that the icons can be used freely, but only as part of Openfire. In other words: you can’t extract the icons from Openfire and use them for another purpose. So, as long as your Openfire-based product complies with the Apache 2.0 license, and you do not use those images in your proprietary code, I think you’re OK.

Just to be sure, I’ve sent an email to INCORS at their listed address. Hopefully, they will comment on the issue.

I hope this helps!



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For the record: I never got a response.