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Question about Performance

For a project I’m looking into, I’m investigating a setup with several Openfire servers, cluster them, and have LOTs of clients. I’m talking possibly over a million clients.

I don’t know if an openfire implementation on that scale has been done? Also, I’m looking at what O/S is best for running Openfire? I know it runs in Windows and Linux…has anyone looked into performance comparisons of running Openfire in one O/S versus the other?

Any input would be appreciated.

There are several installations reaching several 10000 concurrent users on Unix boxes. How large do you want to become?

Well, the project could start with 100,000 clients, then scale over a couple of months to 500,000. Multiple projects could mean millions online at once.

It’s for an application, not user sessions.

I can verify that number Walter mentions (in the order of magnitude of 5-digit concurrent users per cluster node), but your milage will vary a great deal depending on what type of functionality your clients use (and in what frequency). Whatever solution you end up choosing (and as part of this determination), I strongly suggest you invest in developing representative load tests.