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Question about spark and Pàdé

hey guys, i have a quick question about the open fire chat programs Spark and Pàdé.
at my work we use spark for internal communications although looking at the ignite real time website i see that there are other projects that the devs work on. i took a look at Pàdé and i kinda like the GUI a lot better then sparks looks more modern then a old school IRC application. so my question is this would it be possible to use my login for spark on Pàdé instead and if so how could i make it happen?
btw we use a SSO for our login credentials, it might be through a Active directory not too sure i don’t work in the IT part of the company. but the login is used for email on zimbra on a azure server our windows OS login a WFM app called workday and it was able to login to a few other MS services share point and Office 365 so i think it would most likely be a Active Directory using some Microsoft services. thank you in advance for any advice or help you can give.

Pade is an extension for Chrome browser. There are a few versions. I think Pade @ Work should be more suitable as it has more login options. You can try it. You will need to know your JID address. If Spark is connecting automatically via SSO, it could be tricky to find out. Maybe it is the same as your email address. Or maybe it is better to ask your IT to help you with that :blush: