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Question about using smack in my application!

hello everyone:

Now i am trying to use smack in my java application.What i want to do is realizing translate audio from client to server,but i donot konw how to realize it.

My server is using tomcat,and now i have these questions below:

1.how can i use tomcat as my xmpp server?Do i must use windfire?

2.if i can use tomcat as server to realizing xmpp protocal,how can i connect to it by smack?

3.i think smack can realize the translating of audio,but how to realize it ?the audio should be translated as message?which method should i use?

4.Should smack be used as a lib in tomcat?Or it is used in client software?how can the tomcat server realize the xmpp protocal?

Now i am really worry about these questions,please help me!!!thanks!!!

  my email:fongakay@gmail.com


Smack is just an XMPP API, nothing more. It will not convert audio to text. Do you want to convert audio to text or just transfer it as a file?

XMPP Servers: /bThere are many server implementations available, one of it is Wildfire. You can run it standalone or deploy the wildfire.war file in Tomcat. Tomcat itself is only a servlet container.

Voice to Text: /b http://www.excelsisnet.com/opencms/opencms/excelsisnet/en/index.html offers such services, but there are a lot of other companies.

Smack usage: /bOne should use it as a client, not as a middle ware application. Anyhow this is possible.


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Thank you very much for your help.I think i should use smack to create my clinet,it’'s mission is translate information from clinet to server,perhaps it is a string type message or audio.And i should use windfire to create my server in the tomcat servlet container,and it is used to get audio from the clinet.Am i right?

But question is :the audio to be translated is not a file,it is people’'s audio talk.

This means i should let the smack get the audio stream from microphone,so i do not know how can i get the audio by smack ''s method?And shoule it be translated as message type or other type?

And i just know how to use tomcat as jsp server.I can use it as a web page server,but how can i insert the windfire.rar into tomcat?The windfire has .exe file in the bin folder,i just know how to run the exe file to create server,but i donot know

how to deploy it in the tomcat.


http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/entry.jspa?externalID=431&categoryID=22 is the KB article on how to deploy Wifi in Tomcat.

Actually it doesn’'t matter what XMPP server you are using, this seems to be the easiest thing to setup.

Once again, Smack is only an XMPP API. It has no audio or video interface, it also offers no GUI. If you want to use Java you may use some JMF classes to access audio and video capture devices. But there is no voice recognition (audio to text) included. There are some companies which have very detailed knowledge about doing this.



I think i have a more understanding of the smack now.Thank you for your help!