Question about Wildfire Enterprise and JM-149

One of the features of Wildfire Enterprise is:

Wildfire Enterprise has comprehensive support for archiving messages to a database, and includes a compliance tool to find message content by users, date range, and keywords.

as shown on the page:

I know that JM-149 has been floating out there for a while now

(Since matt created it from my post Jan of 2005)

Out of curiosity, does feature being included as one of the special features of Wildfire Enterprise mean that it will not be included in the OSS version? Thank you.


Hey Will,

I completely understand the confusion. The conversation archiving feature in the enterprise version is a much more advanced feature than just logging all messages to the database. The conversation archiving saves conversations metadata and manages the concept of conversations between people. Moreover, the conversation search feature leverages from the above advances features thus providing advances searches.

Having said that, JM-149 is still in the roadmap.


– Gato

Joy. So, I just received notice from Jira that this feature won’‘t be implemented in the Open Source version. 18 months to find out it won’‘t be there (without paying (and that isn’'t an option, unfortunately)). Thank you for a wonderful product outside of that feature.

Hey guys,

I just wanted to clarify. Database archiving is not something we (Jive) plan to work on as part of the Open Source release. However, we’‘ll definitely continue to work on the XML logging feature that’‘s already there. It’'s a good option for simple logging/compliance requirements.

If we could roll everything into Open Source and still feed ourselves and grow the company, that would be great. However, the reality is that Enterprise supports our Open Source efforts and the deep archiving feature in Enterprise seems to be a good fit as part of a commercial product. I apologize about the fact that the issue was sitting in JIRA for such a long time.