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Question about xmpp reconnect

Hello to all.

As i see under connection listener there are following events :



if i understand correctly after connectionClosedOnError smack stack tries to reconnect.

Does it tries to reconnect once again when reconnectionFailed occures?

Also as i see connectionClosed can occure in 2 cases , when connection has been closed by request and reconnection aborted.

does this mean that it happens when reconnection aborted due to connection close request , or that stack gives up on this connection reconnect retries?

Generally speaking i want to know when stack gives up on reconnection and some action is required from upper layer to try to recover the connection.

Best regards

Yulian Oifa

I think Smack will try to reconnect forever. First in small intervals like 5 seconds. Then after a few trials, it increases the interval and eventually it will only try every 5 minutes. I am not sure about the actual intervals, but it works like described.