Question on memory and size concerns for Openfire

I am going to build a new box for Openfire 3.5.1 with Monitoring, Sparkweb, and Fastpath. Any one have a suggestion on a good server size for a Linux based box hosting the Postgres database onboard as well?



How many users? But in general you can never have too much RAM. If you are going to log conversation get lots of storage space. There is currently no way to purge the logs except with a manual edit of the database.

Sorry have been away for a while. i was looking at monitoring chat sessions and creating a knowledge base type thing. The server I wanted to get is the x4240 SUN, however I have been told that i may have to use a blade. What I need to know is if I say this what do I need.

I have 6000 registered users with 2300 full time users on line at any given time. I will also be running monitoring, fastpath webchat, fastpath service, MoTD, Gateway plugin, subscription, presence, red5, and the Postgres DB all authenticating back to AD off of the same server. (except the AD part.) Will be running Linux.

If I gave you that for a scenerio, what machine specs would you see me needing to have as a good middle of the road machine.