Question on Openfire features

We are evaluating openfire and I’m not sure if it fits our needs.

We need to implement something like call center, but using IM.

In ordinary call center, user calls a support line. Then PBX looks for available operators. If there is free operator, PBX forwards a call to him. Of all operators are busy, it puts user on hold until any of the operators becomes available. We need to implement something similar, but using IM.

I cannot find any information if this kind of functionality can be implemented using Openfire/XMPP.

Can anybody some information regarding that kind of features?

I’m not 100% sure, but I think Fastpath plugin is what you are looking for.

Currently it is part of the Enterprise plugin, which will be open source soon. -enterprise-into-an-open-source-product

Thank you for your answer.

Is it possible to evaluate this plugin somehow? I cannot find where I can download 30-day evaluation license.

and ?

Thanks again.

Now question more on fastpath configuration.

I’v logged in with user ‘demo’ - admin console shows, that demo user is online.

But fastpath plugin shows that there are 0 memers active from total 1. Demo user is a member of default queue.

What demo user should do to become active member in demo workgroup?