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Question on reconfiguring SQL database after Openfire server name change

I know that this is only about a five minute step but I recently just changed the name of the Openfire server to reflect the actual name it is supposed to reflect. After doing so, I stopped the openfire service, modified the openfire.xml file (setup>false<setup) launched Openfire again and started rolling through the setup using an embedded database along with Active Directory LDAP connection. We have a separate SQL server (MS SQL 2005) setup in which we use Microsoft SQL Server Option for creating databases. I’m beating a dead horse as I have done this once before but can not seem to remember how to do it now (should have written down the step-by-step procedures). I have verified through the Openfire Admin Console that the LDAP connection works with the DC, I’m just stuck at the SQL database portion. Before, if I remember correctly after selecting Microsoft SQL Server we entered the hostname and port number in the respective brackets. I am trying to see what program or option allows me to choose which database option (Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgresSQL, etc.) so I can fill in the information and finish the setup. Any information anyone can provide is greatly appreciated.