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Question-Smack API

Hi All,

Just a quick question about Smack API. Is this other application similar to Spark? What is the difference of smack compared to spark? Does Smack use Openfire?

Your response is highly appreciated.



Smack is just a XMPP library for Java targeted to developers, who want to built their own XMPP client.

Spark is an Instant Messenger (with UI) build on Java Swing targeted to end users.

Openfire is a XMPP server. Therefore Smack does not use Openfire, although it allows you to communicate with it (but you could also communicate with other XMPP servers).

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Smack is a XMPP library

Spark is a XMPP client, based on Smack

Openfire is a XMPP server

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Dear CSH & Flow,

Thanks for the clarification. That makes sense to me!

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