Question with LDAP and Rosters

Hey Everyone

We rolled out Openfire/Spark to all of our employees about a year ago. At that time, we were unable to get LDAP setup, so we set it up with just a manual entry DB (and we grew a lot faster that we expected, so that’s been rather tedious). I’ve set up a new Ubuntu server this week, and got LDAP all configured and everything works great with it. The issue I’m having is importing Rosters from the current DB to the LDAP DB, and I can’t even get manual entry additions to rosters to work (I’m fine with doing it manually).

My question is, how do I add an individual entry to a user’s Roster with an LDAP setup? Every time I do it, the user doesn’t show up in the roster when logged into Spark…


When LDAP integration is used, then everything is read-only. You can’t have local groups besides LDAP. You can try searching the forums, i think one user has found a way around it, but that would be a hack, unsupported configuration.

Thanks. I don’t mean local groups necessarily - unless a local group is another word for roster - just adding someone to a roster (to repopulate their current rosters from a non-ldap setup, so the users never have any idea anything has changed). I know when logged in via Spark (with an LDAP setup) I can add to my roster by searching for someone and then on the admin side I see that person populate, but I can’t just do it on my own.

Thanks for your help in this

You should be able to see groups from LDAP in Admin Console. You can then set sharing options for them. Don’t know about adding individual contacts to someone’s roster. Not using LDAP myself.