Good morning. How I can erase the history of chats of sprak

Preferences > Chat > Disable chat history. When you check this option it will ask whether you want to delete all the previous conversations (history). Or you can go to Spark profile and delete the transcripts folders.

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Spark

Ive got an other question. Today we found a security problem. A user was able to create his own Spark account without our accreditation. Now i ask u how this could be able, and how i can stop this way of registration without permissions.!

Thanks a lot, an excuse me for my bad language.

Greets Finn

Finn, suppose you are using Openfire as a server. In Admin Console go to Server > Server Settings > Registration & Login and mark Disabled - Users can not automatically create new accounts.

Btw, it is better to create new thread for a new unrelated question

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Thank you very much