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Questions about editing user roster in the admin console

The ability to edit users roster in the admin console is great.

When I add a new Item to the roster I can`t assign subscription. I have to add the item and then edit him in order to assign the subscription.

If I manually add an item to a roster in the console I`ll usually want to do the same to the other user. It will be convenience if there will be a checkbox that will say something like: "also add to roster.

Sometimes its hard to find the name of the user Im currently editing. In some of the pages it is in bold but in others it`s not. It might be the best if the name will appear always on the title in BOLD.


I guess that the option to review rosters is not meant to really modify them. If there is a problem you may be happy to verify the roster of some users but if you start to mange the rosters for the users you’ll have a fulfilled job for the next 10 years.

Anyhow I agree that this can be improved, but JM-1182 will be a low priority task. Do you want to write this code and contribute it to Openfire?